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Minimum wattage for the RF 7 II's or III's ?

Dean HTD

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My new king class to my RF7 II Evo  !


Dynaco Pas 4 tube pre  with 2 pairs Amp Outputs > 2 x Cayin 929 D 50 W / 8 Ohm tube monos in high pass >2 x GoldNote M9 Class D  200 W / 8 Ohm in low pass ........


Now the 4 power amplifiers merge into a symbiotic unit , the acoustic virtues of the horn driver via the tubes complement each other in perfection with the dynamic power of the Class D monos. The authenticity , physicality , stage depth breadth , detail resolution , locatability ,airiness , room illumination , emotion , control of the overall performance .Intoxicating to the last note .


Sonically the high pass plays so dreamlike separating beautifully resolving , I have never heard it like this before , with a fabulous silky loving emotional performance , the spatiality and resolution are breathtaking Voices and instruments resolve more details . Midrange as well as midbass have more volume and seperate cleaner, ground tone,upper bass, bass and subbass are separated more precisely. The low pass plays so controlled dynamically powerful, bass lines or contra bass passages become an extraordanary experience




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