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kappa 15c question

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55 minutes ago, geoff. said:

For instance, is high end/low end response better/worse with one versus the other?


The short answer is yes. IIRC, the 3x13 slot was used to get more high end out of the folding geometry compared to the 6x13.

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Just talking out my *** here, but I'd think it's all a balancing act, like hovering a helicopter or standing on a large ball.  One consideration is the compression ratio seen by the driver, caused by/with the slot.  Which slot I'd take to be the horn throat size.  Then you've got the horn expansion rate which leads you to its mouth size and length.  All of which (along with the driver's back-chamber with all its parameters which affect things) creates the final load seen by the amp and crossover at any given frequency.


Well, enough of that, I see Dean somehow interacted with a post of mine and now I gotta go see...

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