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Full Reference Surround Sound


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I’m trying to upgrade my theater room. Wife says I have to lose some stuff before I can bring anything new home, so my living room sound system is being sold:(. It will most likely be pick up only due to size,weight. I will have what I feel are reasonable prices for each item individually but I’m sure if I’m out of line someone will let me know:). Will definitely get a better deal on all if it’s bought as a package but don’t feel that is very likely. Pick up will be in Charlotte NC.



RF-83s in black. $1000

RC-62 in black. $250

RS-42s in black. $250

RW12D subs(pair)black. $450

KSW12. $150


Rotes RMB98 MkII. $250

Marantz MA500(pair) $225

Marantz MA700(pair) $450


Onkyo TX-NR3007 $300


Also have a pair of RB-5s in black. $250


I have attached a few pics and will send more to anybody interested.







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All sold

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Ok Folks
Need to move some of this quickly.
Price update on the following. Going to try to unload it on a member before it goes up for sale every where else.

And RS-42s

Forum price only(for now) $1250

All in very good cosmetic condition and all sounds great. Can close up pics to anyone interested.

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