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Compatability of Klipsch speakers with McIntosh/Audiocontrol/Arcam amplifiers

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My present system is:

  • I am using 5.1 home theater with KLIPSCH RF7II (fronts), RC64II (center) & RF62II (surrounds)
  • Marantz 7701 as pre-amp
  • Parasound A52 power amplifier.


I am very much satisfied with above Parasound amp.  However I am in the process of its UPGRADE …NOT for more power …. But for BETTER QUALITY.


Looked at McIntosh 8207, Audiocontrol Savoy G3 and Arcam HDA PA720 power amplifiers.   I have the following apprehensions:

1.  Klipsch speakers have very high sensitivity (101, 98 & 97 db respectively).  Driving these speakers with very powerful McIntosh, Audocontrol & Arcam selected power amplifiers is OK?

2.  Will there be compatibility between the speakers and selected amplifiers?

3.  Will my existing Marantz AV7701 processor drive effectively the McIntosh/Audiocontrol/Arcam amps? 


Request you valuable inputs, to conclude my upgrade. 

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Hi, thank you for the feedback. Do you have experience on McIntosh, Audio Control & Arcam power amplifiers (5 or 7 channel)??

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That is a very solid Parasound amplifier. What exactly do you feel you are lacking?


I don’t see any subwoofers listed.. If you are looking to make a major sound improvement, and you are not running subwoofers, that is likely where your money would be best spent. Running dual subwoofers, crossing everything over around 80hz would also relieve some serious strain on the Parasound  and give you more headroom.


I know you say you are looking for QUALITY but Parasound is pretty highly regarded here. I have owned a couple Parasound amps and have always been pleased. 

Is Parasound up to a side by side comparison against McIntosh? Not sure, I have never been fortunate enough to own one but they definitely have a cult following. They are also beautiful, so there’s that. 


Anyway, not trying to muddy the waters, just wanted to learn a little more about your system so we can all help you spend your money:)

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I am using MC-206 and most recently MC-8207.  Excellent upgrades as far as electronics and sound great with klipsch speakers.  Yes, these are overpowered units for the application but are very clean at the first few watts and can power woofers and subwoofers easily.  They are compatible with almost everything..........home audio and pro audio components.  If you can swing a nice Mac by all means do it.  They also hold their value quite well.


Just so you know the 8207 is cosmetically cost reduced.  Developed for a darker room with less intense lighting on the unit.  No chrome chassis (powder coat), no glass face with fiber optics (lexan and LEDs), no analog blue meters (Digital LED meters).  Still, a very cool looking unit and what's inside is worth every penny.  I would get another.


You can probably get a 206 for around $2K and honestly that older unit sounds a tad sweeter to me than my newer 8207.  But they are pretty close.

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