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Integrated Amp Dilema


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I have  great problem, I’m trying to decide between a Rogue Chronus Magnum III, and  Primaluna Dialogue Premium. The amp will be driving a pair of Heresy IIIs with a single REL T9i. The room is large with vaulted ceilings. 


I like the made in the US aspect of the Rogue, tube life is a concern (not overly). The Primaluna I will not be able to pre-audition, but the Rogue I can. The Rogue will cost less. I listen to Jazz mostly, butI have eclectic taste, and I am not bound by any single genre of music. My main system is BAT separates with Dunlavys 


Any experiences with the aforementioned amps would be helpful.

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Another great north American manufacturer you should also consider is Triode labs / Finale Audio out of Toronto, they make very good sounding tube gear. They have price ranges from just over $1000 to well over 10's of thousands. I have the 300B based integrated F 3008 that's wonderful but there are more powerful options available they also allow for some customization  with upgrades like Hashimoto transformers etc. They make some very good gear with outstanding parts. I think they will have something for you with the high efficiency of your Klipsch's.  note Finale audio and triode labs are sister companies triode labs focuses more on SET were Finale dabbles in PP SET. SET, parallel SET. 







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