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Help identifying Klipschorn


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My guess is that it is not from Klipsch and is home-built perhaps based on EV plans.  There is no label on the bass bin (right?) and no markings on the crossover (right?). The Real McCoy would have both these.


The mid-horn seems to be a Cobraflex by Electrovoice -- to my knowledge Klipsch never used those but rather his own K-5 or K-400.  OTOH EV probably did use them in one of their licensed K-Horn variation IIRC.  


The drive is a University?  Klipsch did  use those early on.


OTOH the crossover looks sort of Klipsch.


As always, I stand to be corrected.





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1 hour ago, JRH said:

This is a Klipschorn Junior, likely mid- to early 50's.  The Cobraflex was used as a cost reduction in anticipation that the buyer would eventually upgrade.  The coil formers (wooden discs) are likely to have dates penciled in.


Interesting, I can't find much intel online about these! I'm guessing this would be a less in-demand model..

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7 hours ago, Farris_88 said:



If you LOOK CLOSELY at this pic, it SEEMS to show the bottom of a label on the rear of the bass horn....just below the top panel of that bass horn.,  Providing the information or, better yet, a good pic of that label will actually answer your question as to year of production much better than a general time frame for its manufacture date.

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