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Hard Running Tune Up

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I took delivery of some old Heresy H700s last week and the treble had a noticeable buzz to it.  I figured maybe a bad tweeter horn so I cranked my SET amp up to perhaps nine ear spliting watts to force the issue. 


Instead of smoke and screeching mayhem I found the speakers seemed to have cleared up little by little.   I speculate they have seldom been pushed beyond modest volume and maybe I "blew out" the carbon!  So to speak.  I had a car like that once. 


The speakers sound pretty clean to me now.  I also ordered a low power sub-woofer and a Schiit four band tone control.   Mostly I stream Tidal hires through bluetooth 5.0.  Does anyone have thoughts on "exercising" such old equipment?  I hear a big difference in my speakers. 

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One thing I always do when I buy old speakers is open them up and disconnect and reconnect each driver wire several times at the driver and at the crossover network.  This will give a good connection and will help remove oxidation. 

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