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this dvd is one of the finest sounding dvds for music you will ever buy for pop music!! out of all the dvds i own that are concerts or video collections of artists, this one porbably is the closest one to what a dvd audio disc made well would sound like!! some songs have vocals that come out from different speakers with all different voices in harmony..incredible...i read other reviews on this bulletin board about this dvd in the past and finally bought it!! i always liked the eagles music from way back but after buying this dvd and also don henleys new one that came out recently i appreciate their music even more!!! buy this one if you want to show off your systems audio capabilities!!!


my equipment:

klipsch rf-3 (main)

klipsch center ch speaker

boston acoustics (rear)

mirage ss-1500 subwoofer

yamaha 795 receiver driving center and rears

adcom 545 amp driving rf-3s

mirage subwoofer 1500 watts!

sony 650 dvd/cd player

sony minidisc/cd player combo

panasonic hifi vcr

waiting to see what new reference line will sound like in 2001!!

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I like it because they kept most,if not all of the music out of the surrounds.You are more a part of the music than part of the stage.I hate music in the surrounds on concert DVDs.Just my opinion.


Main HT:'77 Klipschorns,'75 Heresy center,modified with,K-Horn sqauwker & AA network.

KSP-S6 at sides 2 KSP-S6's rear.

Denon AVR-3801

2 Denon POA-2800 200X2

1 driving the Horns

1 driving the bi-wired Heresy center.

2 DIY 12"4ohm subs,Carver A500x 400 watts per ch.feed.

1 12" powered sub(behind the couch)feed from the surrounds pre-outs.

Sony DVP-C650D.Dish Echostar 4700 w/DD


Pioneer CDL-D501 laser

Music in "Direct"only!

DH Labs T-14 speaker wire to the front 3.

Bed room HT:KSB 2.1 mains,SC-1,SS-1's,2 SW 8 II subs.

2 Heresy's for music.

Denon AVR-2800,Dishnetwork,Sony SLV-975HF VCR.

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I agree n the Eagles dvd//// and sounds fine in dolby pro logic or dolby digital too.

The James Taylor DVD LIVE is also very very good. I, too, love to crank it up on a pair of K horns to demonstraight just how good Klipsch is. There is nothing shy of being soo close to "The Eagles, James Taylor" that you could touch them ...that comes close to the great mix and sound when these are cranked up on a pair of K horns!! wooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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One of my favorite songs that I have on

dvd is only in two channel, but with very

good sound quality. I love to show off my

klipsch with this one, Eric Clapton 24

nights. Old love, It starts out slow

then a crack of the snare slaps you in

face then the guitar and bass sucks the

air out of your lungs. leaving you with

goose bumps and a smile.

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