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LOWFAT's introduction


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Hello everyone , I just wanted to introduce myself as I am here to learn and figure out how to spend more money chasing that ultimate "Sound"

I am an intermediate home theater enthusiast and have been switching things around here and there for years trying to improve my system. I want to look like the guy on the old poster being blown away by sound. My current basement system is as follows..

Onkyo TX-RZ840 receiver

Onkyo DX-C390 CD player

Klipsch R-28F front towers bi wired (will be purchasing RP-8000's soon)

Klipsch RP-440C center

Klipsch RP-140SA front Atmos height X2

Klipsch RP-240 side X2

Klipsch RP-240 rear X2

Klipsch SPL-120 subwoofer X2  One in front and one behind the listening area

Along with the RP-8000's I plan to purchase either an Outlaw 5000 or Emotiva external amp to bi amp my front tower and center channels (suggestions welcome). My receiver is only 6 months old so I don't plan to change that anytime soon.

My upstairs system is built from everything that I changed in the basement except for the front towers and CD player. I won't be changing this set up much except moving the R-28F's upstairs and replacing the R-610's with them. The 610's will probably go to the garage or I'll sell them off as they are only 6 months old as well.

Onkyo NR-656 receiver

Onkyo DX-C390 CD player (I'm an Onkyo junkie)

Klipsch R-610 front towers

Klipsch R-25C center

Klipsch R-14M rear

Klipsch RP-140SA side

Klipsch R-12 subwoofer

The basement is my primary listening area and where I'll be focusing most of my energy but knowing me this probably will not last lol. The basement is 65% movies and video games 35% music (Pink Floyd and AC/DC).  Upstairs is 100% music as there is no TV and I have no plans to install one in that room. As stated I'm here to learn and am open to suggestions and tinkering tips......Ben




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Thank you everyone for the advise. I took a look at the La Scala's and wow ! Maybe I should have put a bit of a cap on the spending amount since that escalated so quickly lol. Like everything else there's really no limit on how much one could spend upgrading. I'm going to hold off on buying an external amp and new front towers for the moment. I have only recently bi wired the front towers and can tell a difference in sound.  I really only wanted to upgrade to the RP-8000's just so everything would match. I wonder how much of a difference I would notice between the R's and the RP's other than the firing ports being reversed and tweeter design? I'll search around in my area and see if I can find a retailer that can provide a demo when the stores re open and everything settle's down. An in home demo would be ideal to get around the smoke and mirrors that may be in place in a showroom.

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