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DIY Speaker Measurements???


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I can't find my trusty ole speaker building book, but I was wondering if anyone knew what the measurements that you need from a sub if you were going to build a box for it?

Then, I wonder, how do you measure things like (I'm guessing here) coil diameter or spider diameter...etc without becoming a "cone surgeon" 6.gif




Denon AVR 2802

Sub-DIY in progress

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Generally you need the Thiele-Small parameters of Fs, Qts, and Cms. These are published in catalogs. They can be measured with the help of some equipment but is probably not worth the effort when they're available from the manufacturer.

Some distributors will sell you a driver and a box and amp as a kit. Consider the Titanic series sold by Parts Express. It is probably as close as you can get to a Heathkit type of project. Overall, I think it is important to maximize the fun and minimize the headaches, or uncertainty, by something like that.

The physical dimensions of the spider and the like may be something the pros use to select one driver over another. However, you don't need those to make a sub box.


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