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How to get more from stereo (RP-8000f & Marantz 6012)


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G'day there :)


So I've had my HT system for a little while now. Based off advice from this group I went with the following:







I paired this up with a Marantz 6012.


I'm hoping to get more out of my 2 channel set up. I'd say it's ... good, but I want more. Does anyone have advice on a good place to start?


Music listening is mainly done through spotify direct from the amp. I initially had Tidal hifi, but couldn't find the value in it. Also, it's in a fairly large room.


So my questions are:

Is the amp enough?

Would I benefit from a power amp / better quality stereo amp?

Should I be looking at an external DAC?


Or would all of this most likely be a waste of money?


Thanks for any and all advice, folks. 

- Gav


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Tough call here.


Probably the "best" choice to improve your stereo music listening would be to incorporate a quality integrated amp with HT bypass into your rig.  Then you would be getting a dedicated stereo preamp and amplifier all in one.


If you went the outboard stereo amp route, you might get more grunt and detail but you would still be using the AVR's preamp section, which may be just fine.


The DAC option might be an improvement also but all things are not created equal.


So as my first statement suggests, tough call.



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@willland Thanks for the response mate. Glad I asked, as I hadn't even thought about going a full/integrated amp. Any recommendations of an amp to match these speakers? Or even just better than what I'm using? 


Would I perhaps be better off going for separates so I can gradually increase the quality? 


@pbphoto Fair question, mate, sorry. I'm after better quality / detail. I guess the volume is fine but I'd also like more impact / thump in the chest too if possible. 


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4 minutes ago, Gav_logan said:

Would I perhaps be better off going for separates so I can gradually increase the quality? 

Look for a Parasound New Classic 2100 preamp/2125 amp combo.

Very nice rig for the $$$.  The 2100 has HT by-pass.




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Hi Gav, 


I had a Marantz AVR (SR5008) I tried to use for 2-channel stereo, and it simply never worked.  


You use a good term when you state a lack of "impact".  I would have stated sound from the AVR had a lack of solidity.  The only AVR I've actually owned with decent 2-channel performance was an old HK.


I finally made the decision that I'd rather have bad TV performance than bad 2 channel performance and haven't looked back.


On the four systems in my home I have an Arcam A85, a Jolida JD302BRC, a vintage Kenwood Receiver, and a vintage Pioneer A-77X integrated.  All sound great, and have solid sound.


A few months ago, I hooked the Marantz back up, and there was no way to make the sound anything other than thin sounding.  


And for convenience, I have a Denon HEOS Link if I want to use a digital source.



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