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Matching SS amplifier with Heresy IV


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That's a well thought out, honest solution and selection.


Indeed, in the end it's about YOUR ears and what what YOU like and what You are enjoying.



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You have a nice looking set up there.  I may be posting this for others but I have Crites speakers which are very similar to Cornwalls.  I use a Schiit Aegir 20W cost $835 to my door.  Sound is Class A to 10W and very easy to listen to!  Regardless of which amp you buy I would call Duke at Audiokinesis and get a pair of his subs.  This will make your Heresy's go to a new level.  I think an amp and 2 subs are about $1600.  The addition of subs properly utilized will improve bass down to mid 20Hz, sound stage much better and just move your system up to the new level.  Second thing I would do is add sound treatment if possible, unless you have them and not visible in picture.  GIK is very helpful and reasonable.  I got my room done for about $1300 including freight.  Got 6 side wall first reflection panels,  2 bass traps and 3 diffusion panels.  This is also a huge upgrade.

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On 6/25/2020 at 9:58 AM, texasnavy05 said:

I'm currently researching for an amp for a set of cornwall iv's.  Anybody have experience with the mcintosh ma252?  I've always thought mcintosh to be outside of my price range, but this is in integrated hybrid amp that retails at $3500.  

I had an MA252 for about a year. It looked great and sounded very nice. I was curious about what a 100% tube amp would sound like and heard a Primaluna and right away I knew that was the sound I desired. So I traded in my MA252 for an EVO400 and have never missed the McIntosh. Nice amp but the synergy of my system is more enjoyable than ever.

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