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The Fives Have Arrived! Video, Audio Demo and Photos


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1 hour ago, CECAA850 said:

Nope.  Nothing Klipsch offers in the theater line is close to what SVS offers.  They're purpose built for 2 different functions.

Good point. I still consider all direct radiator subs (I had twin 18's for a short while) to be distortion generators good enough for computer speakers. But I do think SVS provides good options, so if Klipsch can compete there, so be it.


I'm sure they will sound fine with bookshelf speakers like the ones the OP has.

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I just added a video of the unboxing, overview and several audio demos in the original post above.

We just concluded The HiFi Summit so I have not had much opportunity to sit and listen to them without being in "video mode" LOL.

I also updated the photos in the original post as well with much higher quality images. The first images I posted were taken with my iPhone (which didn't turn out very well).


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On 6/29/2020 at 5:44 PM, Born2RockU said:

Brotha Youthman ...how do these compare to those RP-600's ?




*Hope all is well, my friend !


Rock On ...

       - Craig

Hey Craig,

I actually haven't heard the RP-600M. Lots of great reviews. The Fives utilize the same tweeter from the RP-600M.

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