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LaScala setup, sub hum question


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Hello all, happy July 4th weekend!


Quick question for you experts on my setup. I currently have 1977 vintage LaScala (recapped) running with an old Sony DA80ES receiver in 2-channel direct pass mode. I have an SVS SB-1000 and a 12" active ported Polk sub. 90% of my listening is vinyl on an Audio-Technica LP120 turntable. Overall sounds really good, but I have a persistent 60hz hum in the sub (both of them) when the receiver is turned OFF! The subs are connected to the sub out on the receiver (not using speaker line level inputs). I've tried various configurations - 1 sub, both subs, different power outlets, even tried the speaker line level connects and it still happens. Both subs have a 2 prong non-grounded power cord. Not sure what else to do, also not sure if this is impacting my sound quality when it is powered and playing.


Also, I would get the hum and some very faint high pitched tweeter sound when I was using a Yaqin tube amp in place of the Sony. The Yaqin does not have a sub out so I was using speaker line level inputs on the subs and I thought maybe that was causing some feedback, so I switched to the old Sony which has sub outs. Hum still remains but the tweeter noise is gone. 


The other questions is that I'm considering upgrading the whole setup to a Marantz PM8006 amp, SVS SB-3000 sub, and Mobile Fidelity turntable. But, I'm not sure if that would sound significantly/noticeably better and/or solve my hum problem. 


I am actively trying to avoid being pulled into the hi-fi black hole. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the upgrade cycle. The law of diminishing return is real and I feel like the proposed Marantz setup is a nice compromise that should sound good while keeping me in a safe orbit away from the black hole!




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