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  1. I was stationed there in the '80s for over 6yrs, have land there already, going back in a few more yrs. Look into the SRRV visa, if you haven't already. Something like $7k tax free for bringing in stuff.
  2. Try a screen shot, then use the picture to come back to it later.
  3. There was (is?) a show on TV called Million Dollar Contractor where the proprietor has a shop in Brooklyn where they build cabinets that they install in their customer's homes in Manhattan. A Google search should turn up the name contractor's name.
  4. Does rebuilding the power supply include replacing the 5 caps and testing the 5 resistors, replacing anything out of tolerance?
  5. Watching it was cringe worthy. The repair is functional, but far from cosmetic. I dig out the guts of the old caps when possible, and restuff them with new parts. YMMV
  6. Simple Green, toothbrush, rinse, repeat till clean.
  7. Thanks, Gary. In 1991 when I lived in San Diego, I answered an ad for a pair of Khorns. A little old lady on her way to a nursing home was selling her pair of KCWRs. Fortunately for me, her portable CD player connected to an Onkyo receiver had a noisy connection, which the first guy to audition the Khorns perceived as a bad driver. He passed, and I got them. She gave me a package containing a receipt from Berkeley Custom Electronics, dated 2/3/67, signed by JMinor. I appreciate hearing the backstory of the shop where my Khorns were purchased some 53 years ago. Dave
  8. As far as augmenting the traces on the PC boards with wire, no need to be too concerned if one of the traces lifts from the board while you're soldering on it. The acceptable MIL-2000 repair for a lifted trace was (is?) to reattach it to the board with epoxy, then apply pressure until the epoxy cures. We did that by using a C-clamp with a piece of plastic coffee can lid under it. If a trace is damaged beyond repair, it too can be replaced with wire that's been epoxied to the board.
  9. The new Direct receiver can't transfer the recordings off the old receiver, so you'll lose whatever programs you had saved on it. I moved last year and left the old antenna on the old house and brought the receivers I had. The new antenna is much less forgiving of weather. Before I could get reception if I got the accumulated snow off the dish with a broom, now the new one cuts out every time it rains. So something new=less use.
  10. Adapters???? How about hole saw, drill press, soldering iron..... we don't need no steenkin' adapters? Seriously, having to go thru a stack of tubes to find one that works or isn't temperamental doesn't sound very appealing. Many if not most of the published schematics for 45, 2A3, 300B, and other amps use the 6SN7.
  11. My Glass Audio 45 tube amp used a 6SN7, but I cannibalized the chassis to build the Little Sweetie monos which each use a 6SJ7. I'm just dying to know what the huge improvement in sound quality might be. Could you possibly let us in on the secret???
  12. You measured the coil's resistance and it is 250 ohms. If it were open, it would be bad. 250 ohms is likely good, as all coils are different based on the amount and gauge of wire in them. Look at the fridge's print to see if it shows the resistance of the coil. But as it stands, R=250 ohms, V= the voltage that operates it, and you can calculate the "I" value, current, from there.
  13. Those turrets at the end of the binding posts are for soldering wires onto, makes one less mechanical connection to have problems with later on. Very nice work on those Belles, keep going, you're almost there now.
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