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  1. no affiliation. IMO, photos posted aren't great photos, but do give a relative idea of condition. currently $699.99 but it now on flea bay. link from the ad: Im located in cape coral fl 33991 Matched pair!!!!! There is one bad tweeter. I did not check to see if tweeter is bad. 1 Woofer has push in dust cap. The grills missing badges The grills need a good cleaning from large stains. The cabinets need tlc and do have some damages view photo Cabinet 1 serial number 28w743 Cabinet 2 serial number 28w742 All woofers and parts are all original K-600 horn K-55-v midrange K-77-m tweeter K-33-E woofer Type B 2t crossovers for the price, if I was close, I might risk the doghouse for a 2nd project pair of CW's
  2. yes, very nice setup willy. if I ever get back your way, I'd love to have a listen. used to be over there form time to time for work, but not so much these days.
  3. yes, it does look like a very impressive setup. I'd love to have heard this (and felt the bass - that's how I like mine), or something like it. I could be I'll be making a trip to GA next month. at that price, they may already be gone by then. but if I do get dispatched there (for work), I might be able to help with transportation, at least from seller back to Jackson MS. GLWYS sir. I'd love to add these with my CW verts, but I'd be in the doghouse for a while.
  4. Ya, me too sir. And that's without me searching prices.
  5. Nice. 1st time I've ever seen the label that has the XO listed.
  6. Is that an N 64 console in there too?
  7. remember the "desert at dawn" scene in Lethal Weapon? take along a friend for 'cover'
  8. Ditto. Same here. Not that I would have "permission " to seek them out if they did come up, but hardly ever see them here either.
  9. @Mallette - I'm sure they do know it, and as you said, probably relish the fact that they are probably among their own top competitors. I think there are still a lot of folks, like myself and probably you guys reading this thread, who are willing to pay a little more or even substantially more for something that will last much longer vs. save money, pay less, get it now but will only last a short period of time. working in IT, you know we have many acronyms. I've believed & followed the principle of ROI - return on investment - since LONG before I ever saw an acronym for it.
  10. I don't know what it is either. I'm a bit older than The History Kid & Innocent_George, in my mid-50's. there is some attraction for me to buy something new but I hate taking the hit on depreciation. like many, I do want the most bang for my buck, and am more than willing to buy used. I have gotten burned a couple times, and have lucked out a few times too - not having done a complete due diligence before arranging a meet or agreeing to buy. but most have turned out solid deals. and yes, I too want to believe that most people are trying to do the right thing, and anything else in a deal is more attributed to a mistake or oversight rather than an intent to get over on a buyer. and I do love the fact that Klipsch builds so much into their product, agreeing with Mallette that in some ways they are their own competition. but that may not be such a bad thing, eh?
  11. no affiliation. wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen such a good looking pair of HWO like this. says they are 1978. shows consecutive serial #'s, and grain match is just about breathtaking. few nicks, gouges, chips - none that I noticed. opening bid looks like $0.99; current bid $384. linky
  12. wow. man, that's a LOT OF STUFF !!! he must not be trying very hard to get out of the biz. or else, he's very firm on his pricing.
  13. nice. I imagine that if you cushion or pad the L brackets, you might be able to find something that will protect the finish of those nice H III's just in case you take them out of the ceiling any time in the future. that might present a challenge with resting the speakers on the brackets and still not gouging the speaker. but there may be a happy medium in there somewhere. good luck. we're watching
  14. sounds & looks like a pretty cool project you have there. good luck. how are you going to hang/anchor/mount them to keep them where you want them? attach or strap to a joist, or something like that?