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  1. for $75, yeah I would have thought they would have been long gone. I've paid more for less, even considering that they don't seem to be in too good shape. but they will fix. I would think the cabs alone if solid would be worth half that at least
  2. -js-

    Cornwall II 's New Hampshire $650 obo

    CL post now deleted. gone I suppose? at that price, not surprised except that they stayed up for ANY length of time at all. I rarely see ANY Heritage models up for sale in my neck of the woods, much less a really good deal like this one.
  3. as I revisit this & reread 1st psot, does not seem like OP is seller. maybe should go to Alerts instead of the Garage? that is - unless seller IS a member here?
  4. -js-

    What I Got Today!

    @codewritinfool - congrats on your beautiful granddaughter! ditto what babadono @ dirtmudd said - may God continue to bless all her family. it DOES go by too quickly, and is way too short for conflict. that's great CodeWriter!
  5. -js-

    Who needs delta faucet parts

    wow - that's a level of customer service that seems pretty rare these days. that might be worth considering.
  6. -js-

    Memphis TN Impressions

    Schu mentioned Wolfchase mall. I didn't think to mention in previous post but I was in Memphis for a day visit for work recently; specifically in the Wolfchase area. nice looking area, lots of shopping etc. not run down at all - bunch o big box stores, chain restaurants & the like. nice area but cannot speak to any surrounding residential areas as I didn't take time to assess. highways are wide & busy, even in midday but did move well even in pm rush hour.
  7. sure. and then there is this from the ad: "All used goods come with a 90 day Adorama warranty. To ensure your satisfaction, any used equipment can be returned within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!" so, at worst, you might pay shipping both ways to look at them & try them out, looks like for even up to 90 days. if you're on the fence, looks very hard to beat that.
  8. -js-

    Memphis TN Impressions

    my fiance & I had Memphis on our list of possible relocation destinations if we had to move for me to find a job I wanted. we did some research but wound up staying here in Jackson MS (3.5 hrs south) cuz a job came up here without having to move. but in our research it seemed like an area similar to Jackson & Birmingham where we both have lived before or do currently - has pros & cons. housing market was slightly more expensive than Jackson. as I recall: for a home +/- 1800 sf not updated since 1980, avg price I recall was about 190k. new homes +/- 1300 sf FS around 200k. traffic = busy. but seems like an area we could adjust to & like. bigger area than Jackson which is fine with us - more amenities & conveniences. good luck in your oppportunity. edit: one of the online home search tools (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, etc) has demographic stuff as a layer in its search - things like grocery, crime, school etc. don't remember which one but that info was very useful. for what we could tell (based on Birmingham market where we lived for years), it seemed reasonably accurate.
  9. supposed to be. you would think they'd proof their work at least once before submitting, eh?
  10. -js-

    Forbes Vinyl Article

    so @dtel, I'm curious - what medium do you play from? "offline" collection flac, etc, streaming since you don't do vinyl or RTR any more?
  11. holy crap batman! seems like a steal at that price!
  12. -js-

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    glad to hear immediate impact has apparently gone well all things considered.
  13. -js-

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I'd say fewer incidents of problems - inherent attempts at feline retaliation for being hunted. but severity/complexity of those lower quantity of problems could rise due to heightened ire of the hunted. and then there's the whole "prey are just harder to find when in season" mentality. I'm not a hunter but don't object to it. I just prefer increased shuteye in the bed rather than falling asleep in a tree stand. but for example in deer season, don't the deer immediately become more scarce, only to suddenly reappear the day after the season closes to mock you?
  14. -js-

    added HT amp but... not much diff?

    looking at your room Derrick @derrickdj1, it seems almost obvious that subwoofer bass is not affected by furniture, judging by placement of the one sub disguised as a sofa table. that opens more possibilities. as well as the SVS PC model subs Mike suggested. and then there's the whole Pandora's box of DIY subs, which would probably save cash in exchange for sweat - which is fine with me. I'm all over that. will have to look at SVS examples to get rough size, for placement in my room, and then probably move over to the sub forum & begin digging in over there. at this point, judging by typical SVS SB model size, the 12"-15" cubed range looks acceptable. now to begin the quest for WAF and budget approval.
  15. -js-

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    I am too easy a read if you know I'm making fun. perhaps I need to work on my skillz...