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    as much a work in progress as anyone else's... but maybe one of my systems has plateaued.

    1981 KB MEL Macassar Ebony Lacquer
    fed by an HK Twin Power 930

    the upstairs AV system:

    Integra DTR 60.5
    Acurus A200x3
    '72 walnut vertical Cornwall

    garage system:
    my 1st receiver - HK 560 playing my '84 Heresy I HFB's

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  1. I thought the decorator option had no grilles... maybe an owner add?
  2. Exactly. And yes, I'm curious about that myself. Ya think there's any way to find out? Were records kept to that level of detail does anyone know?
  3. so, a little while back I was able to grab a pair of '81 KB MEL that to me are just absolutely stunning. I think I've posted a few pix in other threads, but finally shot a few more photos & trying to add to this thread so others can enjoy. I tried to follow the destructions to use Post Image but it's just not working for me. so I'll try to post what I can here. in fact, since they aren't perfect, maybe someone can offer suggestions on cleaning these up a bit. if you look across the base of one, there are some rub marks there. and there is another one smack in the middle of the bass bin. that one is hard to get in a photo, but maybe it comes thru. any suggestions if there is a way to rub these out & clean things up a bit without ruining these beauties? thanks.
  4. @jvs1670 - great looking HK you have there! glad you were able to get/keep it going. I missed a twin power unit here not too long ago. sometimes I suffer paralysis of analysis and miss out.
  5. I'd have to get a lawyer... for the divorce. And then go wife shopping, AGAIN.
  6. -js-


    make sure you get everything you want on that 1st trip... then
  7. -js-


    and a consideration might be: when you go to pick up the speakers, pack several trash bags. keep the speakers & anything else, and bag the rest right then & there.
  8. Yes, they sound INCREDIBLE! my wife, who is a saint putting up with me and allowing me latitude with very little push back, stood at the end of the room and closed her eyes. She said she thought she was in the audience at the performance! Unbelievable!
  9. congrats on winning the auction. I was a competing bidder who would rather I had won, but that's how it goes sometimes. sounds like they're in a good home, and that's important. so congrats again to you, and enjoy.
  10. so I found my pair! still amazed at what I found! and how absolutely FABULOUS they are!!! I found a pair of KB MEL Macassar Ebony Lacquer, 1981, not far from me! seller delivered today. I helped him unload, reassemble top hats back to bass bins, side panels, etc. got them connected, and WOW! Unbelievable! and gorgeous! just absolutely beautiful! https://postimg.cc/gallery/s5VGBr8 I've been watching here & other places for a bit, and finally taking the plunge here with a WTB post. Looking for a K-horn pair. cannot think of any absolutes but I do have preferences: KB - I like the collared look. finish - lean toward walnut but open for discussion. stock or close to it - bit, here also-flexible. location - preferably in SE USA. I live in Sweet Home, Birmingham. was watching a recent auction in Nashville area that for location was pretty good. price - depends on what we're looking at, but would, again-prefer, to find something other than a total rehab project. looking for a finished, or mostly finished product. I haven't considered how much work I'm willing to take on, so let's say keep that lite. I drifted. price: depends, but willing to go to 4k for the right pair. if I've missed any details to help, I've been here enough to know how good membership is about calling for more info. so just do that & I'll do my best. thanks.
  11. even more reason to get there in a hurry, right?
  12. not much info shown, and only 1 photo. looks like Heresys to me. $100 somebody jump in the car! get these before the flippers do! CL - P-cola FL
  13. sure, makes perfect sense. anyway, missed that one. I got the impression that I was next in line, since seller came back to me this morning, and I told him I have to work, let's meet up around lunch, and he agreed. but it is now sold.
  14. I say boat anchor because IDK yet exactly what condition it may be in. but I'm meeting a local at lunch today who posted for sale a Mc 2100 for $400. he says: "For parts or not working. New amplifier boards . Out of my technical abilities. Nor do I have the time. No help selling. Obo" I have a friend who seems to be trained & experienced enough, and says with help, hell yeah you can figure out what ails it & fix it. so, would you guys say this is worth that investment, even if it isn't much more than a boat anchor right now? also - I saw it popup last nite. I offered him $300 then. he said another guy had offered to meet asking price $400. so I countered that with 'ok, if he doesn't show, I'll match his $400' maybe a ploy to get his asking price, or not. idk. thanks.
  15. Yes, thanks for that. Usually little good comes from rushing to do something.
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