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  1. Balanced Interconnects

    so, in my case, I feel like there is MUCH to learn in so many topics, with this being one of them. I gather from this post 1) - that the design is the REAL basis from which improvements can be realized. correct? 2) - also - just because a component has balanced input/output, that alone does not necessarily mean that component is automatically better than similar, or even identical, one that has only unbalanced. is that a correct statement/understanding? if #2 is correct, what parts of the design or tech used lend to lower distortion circuits? thanks for humoring me & lending me your experience -John
  2. SOLD McIntosh MC 275 MK VI

    ditto on congrats to both. beautiful item. I was told interest in Macs is increasing; some looking to flip. I imagine also a good number might be sort of like me in renewing interest in quality.
  3. Yes

    words fail me today. all I can think of is 'wow, what a show that would be!'
  4. Yes

    wow. color me impressed. is there a story about how you came to get that?
  5. Klipsch Belles--West Virginia

    holy crap! current bid = $235, and 3 days left in the auction. a lot can change in 3 days' bidding. one rear tag completely missing, and only part of the other remains. it looks like it says BK-OO. AB XO's someone who can get close to these needs to be watching this one
  6. Forte II $500, Jackson MS

    N/A. Several photos on the post. Since it's local for me, I might be able to lend a hand on these CL link
  7. Harman Kardon HK630 for sale.

    wow. very nice & very nice looking unit. GLWYS
  8. CW-BR, TN

    nice :-)
  9. CW-BR, TN

    sent pm for @Madman1 to the FB listed seller. good luck to all in your pursuits :-)
  10. CW-BR, TN

  11. CW-BR, TN

    Sure. Send me a pm with your info and I'll pass it on.
  12. CW-BR, TN

    Yes I am.
  13. CW-BR, TN

    No contact info on either. I guess sellers are expecting contact via FB post or FB pm.
  14. CW-BR, TN

    Sorry. I got to thinking later that maybe I should have included that info with the OP. As of this reply, looking at the post, it looks like still available. $475, unwilling to ship, in Ashland City, TN. And since then, another pair has been posted, in Nashville, $425 for a pair of '79 H 1's. Posted in the same FB Audio Trader for Audiophiles group. N/a with either post or seller.
  15. CW-BR, TN

    no affil. https://www.facebook.com/groups/275932155848355/ consecutive s/n. good project speakers maybe?