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  1. Kidney Stone Free....again

    ya. maybe not. sounds like you're recovering nicely. good job & glad to hear that.
  2. NCAAF

    U Tenn travels to Tuscaloosa for that game, this Sat 10/21
  3. NCAAF

    yes they are, just running roughshod over everyone. as an Auburn fan & former student, I can't even watch my tigers. their 'game' - play calling etc makes me lose my mind. I honestly find that I enjoy my Saturdays better simply scoreboard watching. and those around me I think like me better that way too. case in point -> this past Sat's game at LSU. to be ahead 20-0 and lose, I would have lost my ever-loving mind had I watched it happen. cannot. stand. it. oh well. such is my life as an Auburn Tiger. thank goodness for other stuff to take my mind off my miseries :-)
  4. What do I have?

    no kidding. my 15 y/o son has already put in his dibs for my CW's. but he's like that about many things.
  5. The Pet Corner

    oh yeah. enjoying the Mississippi sunshine. they don't even seem to mind the oppressive summer heat & humidity, less bothered by it that the humans owned by them do. I've never owned pets until several years ago when I moved my GF, here. since then, I'm owned. and they are very happy - sometimes much moreso than the feeders are
  6. The Pet Corner

    having never owned a Rottie, I think they get a bad rap because of the ones who have them for reasons other than as a pet, if you know what I'm saying. the folks who train them to be aggressive etc I think are the cause of the misinformation, perception, and "knee-jerk" reactions of many who have not had them as pets. * * again, just MHO as someone who's never owned one. we do have some others though. currently 3 dogs and 1 cat. Lucy is the 6 y/o Aussie Shepherd mix; Dexter is the black/cream long haired mini Dachshund; Cooper is the cream long haired mini. Cally, the feline, was a no show. she's immediately chased down by her handlers in photo when she gets outdoors.
  7. NFL 2017

    I'm along the same lines as you Neil. cannot stand Vitale. I think the main reason he was brought in was to be an antagonist like Howard Cosell was back in the early days. yes, Vitale was once a coach somewhere so he has more background & insight than I, but still, cannot stand him. would rather have fingernails on a chalkboard. well, almost.
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    Ditto. I've liked so many of his songs. The post on The Doobie Brothers Facebook page pretty well sums it up for me: "Thank you for Runnin' down your dream. " I am very glad he didn't back down. RIP.
  9. RIP Tom Petty

    yes, we've lost another great one. another sad day.
  10. Marantz mm7055 5 channel amp

    Carl @carlthess40, GLWYS. I'd love to talk seriously about making a deal on that amp. I can't for personal, employment related reasons, for which I've put many things on hold and locked down on discretionary spending. I really wish I could, and also wish you GLWS.
  11. Equifax

    agreed. this would be a PITA. I'm trying to get another job, and may have hopeful employers running credit checks. I don't mind that much but a protective freeze would make it a pain
  12. 3x TSCM - NJ

    that's my guess from looking thru the ad
  13. 3x TSCM - NJ

    3 - TSCM"s on the bay, in NJ. no affiliation NJ TSCM's current BIN = $3800. I think for all 3
  14. Equifax...WOW!!!!!!

    yes, a number of sources have recommended that. I don't recall which, but have seen that very thing for a few years. just a good, sound practice now days.
  15. Hurricane Irma 2017

    yes they do. stay safe down there guys.