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  1. Well, look no farther than this forum to see what lengths some of us 'audio nuts will do for the right deal. Know what I mean Vern?
  2. No kidding. Sounds like a pretty dang good deal to me.
  3. living in the south, and I think especially in TX, I'm sure you've heard the saying "I ain't skeered" . maybe I should be ?
  4. me too. that's why I hang around you guys - cuz I can learn so much good stuff
  5. I've gathered from reading you guys that have known him longer than I that he might be into a bunch of stuff he doesn't necessarily want to admit publicly
  6. completely off topic. not an auto at all obviously but when I saw this, I immediately thought of you @jimjimbo and had to post. saw this nice lady while working in Michigan's UP again this week.
  7. I have not hauled Belles nor La Scalas, but I did haul a pair of Cornwalls. stood them up in the truck bed, I forget whether they were back to back or front to front - but it was one of those two ways. had sides of speakers toward front & rear of truck, backs & fronts facing to the sides. covered with blankets, a couple mover's pads, some cardboard and sitting on something to cushion them in the bed. like DTR20 said above - take everything applicable you have, can find, can scrape up. my philosophy - if I have room to haul it, better to have it & not need it, than need it & not have it. good luck
  8. understood. I'm on an S 7 Edge now, moved about 1 yr ago from my S 5. on the 5, I read & decided to try the example approach I asked about above - it worked pretty well for me. I think I still had the original battery in it when I moved to the 7. and I don't do the video all day thing either. some of us are still working stiffs (at least we're supposed to be working ) so I do web browsing & email, and that's really about it. don't even do any games. I just don't like installing stuff that could open vulnerabilities if I don't really need to. thanks for the info
  9. can I ask - what are your usage/charging habits? do you run the battery to single digit %age before charging, then charge to 100%? what's your process to still be on the original battery @ 3+ yrs? inquiring minds would like to know
  10. oh, maybe so. it seems most things I like don't stay that way. but, not sure I would become disappointed in them. after all - they're Heresy's
  11. don't crap the thread
  12. great looking product. I like the blonde finish, unique grilles & badges. very nice. I'd love to have a pair.
  13. absolutely! my 15 y/o son has recently taken up guitar. so we were at a music store to have his guitar restrung, tuned etc. while browsing, we're looking at the Peavey stuff, Marshall stuff & whatnot. I'm checking speakers to see if they carry KP line (no). GF Jo comments something about KGI not making speakers to perform like concert arena type speakers - and I mentioned "ohhhh... but they do!!! look, let me find them for you on my phone!" eye rolling begins followed by 'oh my goodness. I should have known...' I enjoyed it very much, just knowing about the KP series and being able to imply that "yes, darling, they do get bigger than what we have. MUCH bigger "
  14. same here Peter. mine has told me "NO MORE SPEAKERS!" and honestly, in our home, it would take some doing to fit any more in. but I still watch to see what comes to market. you just never know what's gonna show up. I mean, a minty pair of K-horns could show up right around the corner, right? I would be in real trouble then.
  15. absolutely. makes perfect sense, does it not?