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They are Model 1 RB-5.  Attractive, furniture quality wood veneer mahogany finishThey are consecutive serial numbers.  I have mint Cornwall V1,  and other HE speakers, so decided to let these go. In summary--they are in truly excellent condition. 


UPDATE: Only upon posting these pictures in this revised ad do I see a small ding on one driver.  This is too small to do anything to fix. This ding was there at the time I bought them--I realize only right now from original picture I found. Apparently, it is not easy to see when standing, so I missed it to now. 


I have the original boxes in good condition with original packing material, but for now they are available for transfer to your car or SUV of the speakers (so you can inspect them) and their original boxes. While I mainly lurk on this fun and informative site, I have bought and sold from several others here, and have tons of only-positive feedback everywhere as NuRxHunter. 


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DOH!--apology--Mahogany.  Thanks Bill--thanks V. for pointing out the omission.  Going to fix ad now and add some pics--older ones.  I have yet been able to set aside time to get them out of my basement storage in their boxes; I need my son to come over and do that for me poor ole achy back.  If there is an imminent buyer, I'll do that.  Thanks again

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