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    Bumping for deciding to sell. Keeping KEF-LS50 instead, an entirely different animal, though power hungry. Like most everyone, I'm sure I will regret selling this lovely pair. Pickup on at 19380 West Chester, PA.
  2. nurxhunter


    DOH!--apology--Mahogany. Thanks Bill--thanks V. for pointing out the omission. Going to fix ad now and add some pics--older ones. I have yet been able to set aside time to get them out of my basement storage in their boxes; I need my son to come over and do that for me poor ole achy back. If there is an imminent buyer, I'll do that. Thanks again
  3. nurxhunter


    SOLD. They are Model 1 RB-5. Attractive, furniture quality wood veneer mahogany finish. They are consecutive serial numbers. I have mint Cornwall V1, and other HE speakers, so decided to let these go. In summary--they are in truly excellent condition. UPDATE: Only upon posting these pictures in this revised ad do I see a small ding on one driver. This is too small to do anything to fix. This ding was there at the time I bought them--I realize only right now from original picture I found. Apparently, it is not easy to see when standing, so I missed it to now. I have the original boxes in good condition with original packing material, but for now they are available for transfer to your car or SUV of the speakers (so you can inspect them) and their original boxes. While I mainly lurk on this fun and informative site, I have bought and sold from several others here, and have tons of only-positive feedback everywhere as NuRxHunter.
  4. I agree. The AVP (had a fancy remote like Meridian) was tres mediocre (dull is the right word); however, the AVP2 was quite good indeed. Had an interesting, tiny multi-functional programmable remote. It's sound was twixt Meridian (too digital) and EAD (like analog)--the AVP2 was a just a wee bit bright to my taste but had great detail and air and was super at HT surround. I decided to keep my EAD TM 8000 and sold the AVP super fast and the AVP2 after about a year. I went through like 15 top-flight DACs and several pre-pros for a time. I still use the EAD, it's remains one of the best pre-pro for 2-ch audio and is decent but dated for HT. Truly has a 'tube-like' sound. No listener fatigue at all. Even the entry level Encore is great for 2-ch, but TM8000 more transparent to my ear. I thought the DAC in any of the TMs was better than any of their 2 ch DACs, I owned them all at one time. The TM 8000 was the last model made by the original EAD team before Harmon or someone bought them and crashed them, but my memory is faded. EAD and Cal Audio were boutique before boutique became common (if you look at Agon these days) and both were ahead of their time, esp. EAD with their resistive-array analog vol controlled digitally and their jitter flywheel (a gimmick I thought, though, and caused hassles at times). Many pres use this resist-array approach now--EAD was the first, I think. The Proceed amp series are great! Sad they went under--Proceed, EAD and Cal Audio were peers, with Meridian a league ahead--at least in pricing! The conclusion I came to after DAC rolling was: Yes, a DAC matters; however, if you are unhappy with sound of your system, look to upgrade the DAC as the very last step (I am not a cable believer). My opinion is that once a good DAC is in hand, law of diminishing returns sets in quickly, except if features are important (like a X-over, esp one that does LARGE fronts + Sub--like the EAD, et al.). Just saying--I would not have jacked a for-sale post except it's over. Not sure what compelled me to opine like this. Apology anyway.
  5. Speakers have sold--thanks everyone for interest. The Grotto sub is available and if anyone asks on it I can list it separately.
  6. Please note--grotto without the 'i', so these are the original model of the Martin Logan Grotto Subwoofer. I did not post pics because the other site has them, so I figured why take up storage mB. Thanks.
  7. ITEM SOLD. Thanks. Sub is available--I'll get around to listing it sometime. $725 IS FOR SOURCE SPEAKERS ONLY. GROTTO SUB IS $350. LOCAL PICKUP 19380 ONLY. Or, you can pay and arrange for U-Ship or other shipping. Condition is 9/10. As a second owner, I never have rated anything over 8/10; but these are in such perfect condition I will break my rule. Pet-free, kid free, smoke free, dust free home. The tilt-able bases allow the vertical angle to be set for seated or standing listeners. A very cool idea and can be used with or without the original spikes. Martin Logan CLS2 Source. Hybrid stats with cone woofers that integrate quite nicely with panels. Always kept covered. Vacuumed with a Kirby G4 ('nuff said) horsehair brush very carefully, LIGHTLY and gently several times per year, although they did not need it because I have electrostatic air filters on furnace/AC system and due to allergies always use filtered air in the house year round. I do not think you will ever find a nicer pair than these Martin Logan Source CLS electrostatic hybrid speakers in this ad! I will be sad to see them go, but I have not used them in a year. They have been sock-stored in my living room, displaced by Merlin VSM-M speakers I picked up locally. They are ready to be picked up at the front door. My 15W Cyrus Brenneman Stereo-15 EL84 amplifier drove them fabulously in a 13' X 18' X 8' living room open to dining room. So much so, that I did not feel I needed the Grotto subwoofer, in fact, guests at first did not believe the powerful lows coming from the Source were WITHOUT the subwoofer on. But, if you take time and attention, the Grotto will blend in just marvelously and seamlessly. For Rap/RnB/HH music, a sub is almost always helpful, of course, and a large room will benefit from the Grotto or any tight musical sub. Please see pictures at Audioasylum or Audiomart. Thanks. Grotto is available separately for $350 and I can do a deal if someone buys both--picked up at front door. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649631749-martin-logan-source-speakers-immaculate-condition-grotto-subwoofer-optional/ Unless you are OCD, these speakers are flawless. They were always kept covered by me and the first owner--in fact--we both babied these. The platform they come with is unique in that by just twisting the panels 180 degrees around, you can raise the tilt 15 degrees for parties with standing guests, or leave them level. Ingenious design. I read that Martin Logan put significant engineering effort into the panel and bass integration and the new CLS2 bracing that is now on all their speakers. These have tremendous gal appeal. Available for front door pickup in West Chester, PA 19380. They fit easily in a 4 dr sedan like a Honda Accord or Acura TL. Comes with ALL accessories all in EXCELLENT condition. Rating them 8/10 as I am the second owner. You will not be disappointed; what you get is what is described, always. Thank you. Martin Logan Grotto subwoofer is excellent condition is available separately at $350. Rating this 7/10 because it has some slight smudges not noticeable from a distance. It is quite in nice shape--and c'mon, it's a sub that sits in a corner. This got hardly used. My significant other loved these speakers, but low frequencies make her tense! I have voluminous ++Feedback at all the usual suspect sites under this same name: NuRxHunter What you will pick up at front door: 1 PAIR Martin Logan Source CLS2 pair of speakers AND ALL ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES, including: 1 Tilt Platform 8 ML Spikes 2 Energizing adapters 2 ML Sock covers 2 User Manuals Everything looks as new SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response 42–22,000 Hz ±3dB Recommended Amplifier Power 20‒400 watts per channel Horizontal Dispersion 30° Vertical Dispersion 28" (71cm) line source Sensitivity 90 dB/2.83 volts/meter Impedance 5 Ohms, 1.6 @ 20kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers. Crossover Frequency 470Hz High Frequency Transducer Generation 2 CLS™ electrostaic transducer » Panel Dimensions: 28" × 8.6" (71 × 22cm) » Radiating Area: 241 in2 (1,562 cm2) Low Frequency Transducer 8" (20.3cm) high excursion, high-rigidity paper cone with extended throw drive assembly, non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format; bass reflex Components: Custom-wound audio transformer, air core coils Inputs Custom 5-way binding posts Weight 47 lbs. (21.4 kg) Dimensions 51.2" × 9.7" × 14.6" (130cm × 24.5cm × 37cm)
  8. I have never done this before on any site--but I gotta say, in a just saying kind of way, because I do not know you from Adam--WOW! I a cab admirer in general; and you, Sir, know thy craft, and then some! Advanced member, indeed. I'm a lurker but follow this great site. You are not immodest; I have never seen this artful a build.
  9. might be just me, but I seen the PNG logo but cannot see pics or download?
  10. I tweak; therefore, I am. Thanks Dave, and 'going to Hope' payment went through (with respect to the Hon. Mr. S.).
  11. I have a nice looking X-30. I sent PM. Thanks.
  12. I did not realize etiquette is to post replies in public, but I see the logic. On other sites (HeadFi) they ask not to reply to any for sale ads with public posts. Did not realize this was a hot item. I did just pay just before seeing all these posts--yikes!. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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