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Greetings, fellow Forum Followers,


This weekend i got a used Marantz DV7001 wich is connected to my Marantz SR6008 now. In the manual i read that the 7001 is capable of CD upsampling, but the signal is put out only via the analog outputs. My question is: Is it worth going from HDMI sound to analog output and upsampling, will the difference be audible with on my system (See my sig..)?

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Tough call.  Upsampling does not always equate to better sound.  I guess you will have to figure out which method would be best by trial and error.  The onboard DAC in the DV7001 is 13+ years old and may not be of the quality of the newer, 7 years old, DAC in the SR6008.  Really no way to determine until you try different configurations.



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I prefer analog as compared to the digital output in my high end Toshiba SD-9200 as it sounds stale and lifeless.  That and I can run the analog outputs through my BBE 1002 and DBX 3BX-DS 3-Band Dynamic Range Controller with Impact Restoration so I can tailor the sound to my liking.

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So i connected the DV7001 to the SR6008 via HDMI for DVD and via cinch for CD listening. Subjectively, music sounds better through the analog connection. For my ears the music seems "warmer" and the soundstage separates more from the speakers.

Comparing the DV7001 to my former player, a Pioneer 757Ai, the Marantz definitely plays along much better. Whereas the Pioneer sounded thin in direct mode, to the point i had to use my sub to beef up the bass, the 7001, in direct mode, supplies all the bass i want, without sounding boomy.

I read about this before, the fact that the DV7001 plays music better via analog than through HDMI. So i will keep the analog connection for CD and HDMI for DVD/HT purposes.

For myself, i consider this topic answered.

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