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Does anyone know where I can still get a C7?


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Why the refusal to use ebay? I have picked up over half my recent equipment purchases through ebay... check that feedback, and contact the seller directly, and it should turn out o.k.

There are currently four C7's on ebay, and I have seen many more... it's where I got mine, and I could not be happier (unless I could snag an Academy for a practical price...).

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Thanks for the info.

I've gotten burned too many times on Ebay. People don't seem to care if they get negative feedback.

My brother actually just lost $50 when the person never sent the item, and apparently, there is little he can do. Ebay claimed they had already kicked the person off before he won the auction (go figure that one out). They told him to contact the Florida Police department.

It's like my experiences with UBID, I learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them.

But thanks again

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Hi, I have 1 week old KLF-C7 maple finish.Let me know it is like brand new and really unreal center speaker.I will sell because I just replace my speakers to RF-3 II front and RP-3 for rear and I have to go for RC-7 for the perfect match.

I paid $445 includes shipping.

Let me know



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hey you guys could do a swap of some sort too & be all set for timbre-matching. 16.gif the rc-3 would actually be a better timbre/voice match sal. you can always adjust its level in the receiver.

i have an rc-3 w/ the rf-3 & sometimes use it for 3 speaker stereo. it is a nice center that matches perfectly to the rf-3. its not on the level of the rc-7 but then again the rf-3 aren't on that of the rf-7 either.

wish i could tell you if the rc-7 goes well w/ the rf-3 or not but i've never heard them together. then again the center channel speak is important since it carries such a load in movies. tough call. especially if you can't do a demo at home.

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