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If you don’t win either lottery, your best bet is to purchase some roughly matched NOS Tokin THF-51S SITs (VFETs) from eBay seller watanabetomoaki. Nelson Pass will have a design out that will use these SITs in a similar manner as his new single ended SIT amp using Sony 2SJ28 N-channel VFETs. 

Nelson Pass has mentioned that the Tokin SITs might be more capable of higher power output, but I am not clear how much more over the 8-10 watt capable Sony VFETs. 

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Finally built the SE V-fet I won on the lottery. Health problems prevented me from building it sooner. Went together smoothly without any problems on start up. Need some hours on it before I can call it a successful build though. Not expecting any problems but one can never tell. Very short listening period and first impressions are positive. Sound very much like a really good SE tube amplifier of which I have a number of. 



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This is an interesting amp from Nelson Pass. The first to use a switching power supply for voltage with a input transformer and a large electrolytic capacitor on the output, sound goes through. Throwback to the old receivers and amplifiers of yesterday. Info with schematic can be found here for those that are interested in these kind of things. https://firstwatt.com/pdf/art_diy_sony_vfet_pt1.pdf


The end result is a SE tube sound with better numbers. Output is 10 watts so is perfect for our speakers. 

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