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Room Size Cornwall IV


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Moving into a new house and have been on a rabid hunt for the right set-up.  I went and demo'd some speakers and after some ho-hum tower demos of JBL, Revel etc I walked into the Klipsch Heritage room and completely fell in love with the Cornwall IVs. No surprise there.  I swear I did many hours of searching on this forum and others, but unfortunately dont feel I'm any clearer or confident on my room size.  From what I can tell I am on the cusp of an appropriate room size. So apologies for another room size post:


But will a 14X16.5X12 room size be big enough for the CIVs or will I have to "settle" for the Forte IV (which I loved but dont compare side by side IMO)?  I will place them in the corners on the short side (14') and be seated probably 10-12' from the speakers. Appreciate any insight and again apologies if I missed any per-existing posts that could have answered this.

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Hi all, new to the forum and really enjoying it. I’m soon to purchase either a pair of Cornwall IV’s or Forte IV’s. Thought I’d jump on the back of this post seeing as mine is a similar query.


im really torn, I want the Cornwalls but think the Fortes will probably be a better fit room wise


My room is 12 foot deep and a fraction short of 16 foot wide with 9 1/2 feet ceilings. I however have a fireplace smack in the middle of the front wall. My rack would also be taking up a big chunk of space on the RHS .


I end up seated approx 8 foot from my current speakers which are a pair of stand mounted bookshelves. They’re about 3 foot off the front wall and 4 foot off the side walls.  Probably more of a near field listening set up and I’m really unsure if the Cornwalls will fit space wise and more importantly perform optimally in this space. 

realise I can bring them closer to the front wall which may help but possibly the Fortes may be a better fit for me. Bass doesn’t worry me as I have a pair of REL T9 subs so the passive radiator on the Fortes isn’t a factor in my thinking.


Hoping the group can help. Happy to post a layout diagram when I get a chance




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Added picture of room dimensions
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