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Dean networks and DaveA SMAHL's in Lascala


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17 minutes ago, Crankysoldermeister said:

8 hundredths of an ohm?


Who knows, someone playing some bass heavy music at high levels. I'm not talking losses across it, was thinking a loss of damping but ya I agree .08 ohm difference may not be enough to cause concern.


And no if you happen to hear something that isn't there then it doesn't count, although some people argue it does because "their perception is all that matters".


I'm definitely way over thinking this I know 🙃

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58 minutes ago, Crankysoldermeister said:

If you hear something that may not be there, does it count?


Have you read the reviews in the link for the ERSE air core inductors? The majority buying them are building some sort of EMP generator for health reasons. They will definitely argue their ailments are healed from something they can't hear 😆


I'm going to have to look into what these people are building. A friend of mine is into alternative medicine and has asked several times if I will build her a Rife machine, her husband has pleaded with me not to, he rides motorcycles and is as far different views than his hippy wife.

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40 minutes ago, Maximus89 said:

Ive got a Dean build with ODAM caps incoming soon(not la scalas). Excited. You have any experience with those caps?


not yet but he said my ODAM set will be ready for pickup in a week or so and 20 mins later i'll have them

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3 hours ago, Budman said:

you've been a member here for 2 weeks and put all this together. congrats

its taken me 18 years on here to get that combo with Dean & Dave 😜

Thanks! Please tell my wife what a good job I've done with these guys. And how beautiful they look in our family room. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

The A-55g/2’s came in about a week ago. Played around with them a bit while also trying different speaker placement. I think they sounded better…. But nothing definitive for sure.

A few days ago I switched out the LaScalas for a pair of audio physic tempo 3’s that I’m selling. In doing so I changed to the 4ohm tap on the MC152. Today I went back to the LaScalas and holy shit, they didn’t sound this good the other day. I remembered that I was still in the 4ohm tap and switched to the 8. The Huge difference in detail and 3dness was gone. Back to 4ohm tap and there it was.
I had tried the different taps before with the PD-5VH and settled on the 8ohm tap. Not sure why now with the A-55G’s it certainly prefers the 4. 
I just sat through dark side of the moon and got goose bumps several times. Not only is this the best system I’ve ever owned, it MAY be the best I’ve heard. I thought I was passed the “hearing things for the first time” in music, but sure as shit new stuff is popping up in music I know we’ll.
Once again, BRAVO to Dean and Dave!

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