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Woofer Tweeter crossover


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Does tweeter/ woofer crossover have an impact on sound quality or is it set strictly on the best combination for natural sound of woofer/tweeter combination type.

Why do expensive speakers generally have lower crossover between tweeter and woofer eg. 2.0 kHz while many less expensive speakers have a higher crossover say 2.7 KHz.

Also I find 1 inch tweeters generally have lower crossover than say 3/4 inch tweeters,

Does a lower crossover generally give a more natural sound?

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The larger the diaphragm, the lower the theoretical crossover point.  Yet, driver specifics control, so saying a 1" tweeter can be crossed lower, is .....  inaccurate. 


I recommend you read "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" by Vance Dickason.

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