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What should I ask for a pair of 18” Stonehenge Subs?


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Would also include an iNuke nu3000DSP amp. 

I was never able to really figure out all the amp settings to get them to sound good. I’m sure it’s an ID10T error but I’m tired of messing around and trying to read forum posts on how to set them up properly. 

Great condition. Never really used like they should have been. Would be local pickup only because they’re huge as sh$t. 



Pic is with a grapefruit for scale.  Didn’t have any bananas. Other one looks exactly the same. A few very small scratches that will be touched up before selling. 

What do you think I should ask for them if I put them on Craigslist?  Or here?




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2 hours ago, babadono said:

You got a left and a right ported pair? Location? Are they painted or Durtexed?

I have a left and right. Both are ported. I’m just outside of Indianapolis but will deliver within 1-200 miles. 

As far as the coating…I have to check. It’s not the Durtex but it’s something heavier than regular paint IIRC. 

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When I'm looking to unload some gear, I always look at several things:


1) Check the ebay "completed items/sold items" listings to see at what price they are currently selling (You can list and item for whatever ridiculous price you want, and many do, but it will be for sale indefinitely.)


2) Check Craigslist in your area and see if there are similar items for sale there


3) Check audio specific places like US Audiomart


4) If you can't find any comparable items for sale, I usually start what you think it's worth.  If it doesn't sell after several weeks, drop the price.  repeat this process until you find a buyer.


I usually set my  price right under what everything in like condition is selling.  Then, if it's something I think people on the forum would be interested in, I usually knock a bit off the price when listing it in the garage sale section.


I hope this helps.

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