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R-51M dispersion pattern?

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I currently have four R-51Ms for my upper Atmos speakers in a vertical configuration.  I am changing the mounting system and horizontal would be a better option.  I know they have square tweeter horns, but am also aware there are other factors to consider that likely impact the dispersion.  I cannot find the pattern listed in any specifications.  Anyone know what it is? 


BTW, the speakers are directly pointed at the MLP.  Thanks in advance.    

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Thanks.  I saw that, but wondered if other factors, such as the interaction between the tweeter and woofer, made a difference.  Ultimately, I think you are right.  After more digging, I found other Klipsch spec sheets that use the term "coverage" when discussing the horn aspect ratio.  A vast number of their speakers use 90 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical.  I wonder if some of their book shelf speaker such as these use 90/90 thinking that some who buy this type speaker will lay them horizontal on the "bookshelf".   Just a thought.  Thanks again.   

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