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Sold: Electro-Voice TL606DW Dual 15"


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Hello all,


I purchased the EV cabinet for $200 because the foam surrounds were totally in need of replacement. My thought was to find another cabinet to make a larger two way system by adding a nice set of horns on top. Well, kids came along and this project got as far as re-foaming the drivers. (Not a pretty job, but they function correctly!)


Foam/dust cap kit was $30+tax from The Speaker Exchange.  https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/15-ev-refoam-kit-angle-rfk15-dl15w/


I'm looking to pass this project along to another forum member up for the challenge.  The cabinet is in good condition and the speaker cones have no damage.  I will audition at time of purchase to verify that everything functions correctly.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Asking $150

Location: 60511  Far western Chicago suburbs.








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With the cost and potential chance of damage during shipping, I don't even want to attempt it.  At this point, I want to keep the drivers with the box, as if I sell the drivers I wouldn't ever get rid of the box unless I put it at the curb... and it deserves better than that!  You would be better off finding something local.

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Bit late to join in on conversation but friend of mine found 7 of these in the trash of a movie theater thats in the process of remodeling. Anyone know if they can be passively connected or do they need something besides crossover?

If tested and working would be trying to sell all of them in Austin Tx surounding area

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