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need help with an oldie


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hello all! been busy here. Happy New Year & best of luck in '03!

heard an old instrumental tune from 1962 called "telstar" by the tornadoes. i can swear i heard this song as a theme (maybe at the end) of a tv show, probably in the 60s because its way back there in the cranium databank. 6.gif does anybody remember which tv show (i think) it was used on?

i've exhausted my net searching. asked jeeves & he didn't know either. 9.gif did find out, among many other things, it was also done later by the Ventures (theme on Hawaii 5-0). also, it was the 1st #1 on the US charts ever by a british band

you can hear it here: http://ez2www.com/go.php3?site=hallmusic&go=B000003QFT

i'm thinking it was on a 60s space show, but not Star Trek or Lost in Space. anybody know if it was used on a tv show & if so which one?

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