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RC-64 III as LCR and matching surround/heights


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Hi everyone,


I am considering three RC-64 III as my LCR setup. The plan is to use them all three vertically (AT screen).

Anyone ever tried this? What are your experiences in using Klipsch centers (with the speaker layout like the rc64) also as left and right vertically?


What surrounds and heights Klipsch would match the RC64-III best you think? Does the new reference premiere II make any sense looking at?


Thanks a lot!


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People have done this with the RC-7 center with great results.  Seems like you would be sacrificing a good amount of midbass not running towers in the R & L positions but with some solid subwoofers you should be fine.  For the rears something from the same reference line perhaps the biggest bookshelfs and use four of them.  Not a fan of the sound sprayer RS line to echoey and spitty sounding.

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I don't understand why you would use center speakers in a place where you could place floor-standing towers.  Horizontal center speakers are compromises for places where you can't place a vertical speaker that's identical to your main left and right speakers.  There is a reason why the designs of vertical towers and horizontal center speakers are different.  If you plan on using an acoustically transparent screen, use three matching tower speakers.

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