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Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 (NEW)


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Nice to see that Klipsch is now including the Pioneer Elite line for sale.   The new top of the line (currently) shows that Pioneer is alive and still with us.  The VSX-LX805 in my opinion is very exciting and should be well built.  Premium Audiio has had a lot of input in this and very grateful to them.   If anyone can keep Pioneer alive it's Premium Audio.


I currently own the SC-LX904 and absolutely love it.  Mine however, has copper screws and better speaker terminals which makes me wonder if there is even a better unit on the horizon, a true flagship.  We'll see!


Either way, for me Klipsch and Pioneer Elite are a perfect marriage.

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chip shortages killed Onkyo

Yes Virginia, There Will Still Be Onkyo AV Receivers

The Onkyo we knew, the Japanese company with a history that dates back to 1946 and has been majority owned by the Ohtsuki family will cease to exist. Think of it as the soul of the company that’s lost. ......


But the Onkyo and Pioneer brands will continue to live on! The company’s audio/video business is owned by Voxx International and it even has a contract with Sharp to manufacture its AV products. ......


Premium Audio Co is a joint venture from Voxx and Sharp since September 2021 and runs several popular home Audio Video brands including Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, Integra as well as Klipsch, HECO and Energy speakers. 


So, fans of home audio will still see the familiar Onkyo, Pioneer and Elite nameplate on AV receivers for some time into the future. Warranties will continue to be honored and its AV receivers and other equipment will continue to be made, provided they can fish for the chips required to assemble and fix them. Who knows, maybe under Voxx, Onkyo will be injected with new life and continue to live on and even prosper in the leaner, more adaptable form that today’s market demands.


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