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Tubes and Transistors


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Yes I do, many of both in fact but I do most listening with SET tube amps. Why, simple answer is I can. I've not found a big difference in sound with higher end SS vs tube PP amps. With SE SS vs SET tube amps I favor a really well made SET tube amp over transistors. 


As many on an audio technical forum say, tubes still rule when it comes to sound. Reason for tube vs SS PP amp? Price, you can buy a PP tube amp for less money than a SS PP amp, but I am talking serious audiophiles searching for best bang for buck. Honestly some of the cheaper amps, run of the mill consumer offerings, sound really good these days if one is not too picky. Much like a little car will get you where you want to go much cheaper than a Mercedes.  

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On 6/2/2023 at 5:52 PM, Mark51 said:

Do you own both all tube and all transistor amps and switch back and forth?  And why?


I'm sure you'll get many responses. I use both but generally prefer tube amps and tube preamps. If you are torn between both, you can always link a tube preamp to a solid state amp. I don't recommend doing it the other way around unless you intend to spend higher amounts of money. I use SS for my Magnepan's and all tubes for my Heritage series. 

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