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SOLD RF-7III, RC-64III, RP-600M Florida


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For Sale

1 pair RF-7iii black ash
1 RC-64iii black ash
1 pair RP-600M black ash
1 pair Monoprice Monolith speaker stands

All speakers in great condition.  I'm not aware of any marks on any of them.  I have all boxes and grills.  Speakers are hooked up and can demo for serious buyers.  Possible partial trade for a pair of Klipsch Forte II in black or a single Heresy IV in black.

$3250 pickup in St. Petersburg, FL






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  • amheck changed the title to RF-7III, RC-64III, RP-600M Florida
1 hour ago, sixspeed said:



Going for Heritage multi-channel? :)


Thx.  I think so. 


The vertical center will work much better in my setup.  Still not sure about the rears.  I want to make sure the mid/high is at ear level but would really prefer not to deal with stands.  


So we'll see

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I picked up a pair of La Scala II's earlier this year.  I had originally planned to have the RF7 in a home theater setup and then the LSII in a 2 channel setup, but thinking its too much going on in the same room, so have to sell 1 set.  The RF7iii have a lot more low end but I'm building a pair of 18" subs so I'm hoping that will round out the LSII nicely.


I have A/B'd them both several times and the LaScala just sound wider and fuller to me (with my crappy room acoustics).

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  • amheck changed the title to SOLD RF-7III, RC-64III, RP-600M Florida

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