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Klipsch Horn Tweeters vs ?

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I bought a pair of Klipsch KG-4 speakers and they do sound good with my 1968 Sansui 4000.  The previous owner was an audiophile but had died so I cant get any background on a modification he had made.


The horn tweeters had been replaced (with non-Klipsch) to smaller but much heavier tweeters. Anyone know from the pics below what the small one is or which is better or what they even are?

I think the small ones have more higher freq output, are a bit louder, but maybe harsher too.




Cheers, Steve



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You will have to post some pics of the drivers (back side so we can see labels or guess from the shape).


Good pics from cell phone will do, but they must be uunder 2 meg each. Couple of ways to do that - 1. Not be too close for the shot. 2. After taking the pic, open pic to edit (on the phone). I use a couple different android phones, so I open in Photos, select CROP, then move the corners in slightly. Won't take much. Do Save as a Copy... it will recompress the file and it should fit the size limit no problem.


Welcome to the forums.

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