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Static only through receiver


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Hi! I have a pair of Klipsch R-51PM speakers and they work flawlessly when I connect directly to them with Bluetooth. However, I'm trying to connect a Sony STR-DH190
Stereo Receiver so I can also hook up my turntable to the system. When I connect the receiver to my speakers as shown in the images, I'm getting sound but it's really crackly. I've tried other wires with banana connectors with the same staticy result. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, hoping one of the lovely geniuses here can help!





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Sorry! So yes, I can connect the turntable directly to the speakers and the sound is clear, if maybe a little quieter than I can get them if I'm connected to Bluetooth; is that expected? I always thought I needed a pre-amp + receiver to get from the turntable to the powered speakers. 


In the image I have the Right Speaker connected from the top jacks (labeled Analog In/Out which I know the flash blocked, sorry!) to the Receiver Audio Input 4 OUT; and then from the bottom jacks the right speaker is connected over to the left speaker with speaker wire. 

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The "crackly" effect is probably the Audio 4 output level being too high, driving it into distortion.


The OP complained if the turntable is connected directly to the speakers then the input level sounds too low vs. Bluetooth.


Sounds like he's trying to use his Bluetooth device as an overall volume control due to its convenience as a remote.

He should set his Bluetooth device output to match his turntable, and use the speakers' remote for volume control.

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