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West Coast Road Trip Advice

Jeff Matthews

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In mid October, I plan to fly to Vegas, rent a car, drive through Yosemite to the West Coast, and drive up the West Coast to Seattle - mostly along Highway 1.  I'll probably return through Idaho and Utah, back down to Vegas.


Where are the best sites along the way, and how much time should I allow for them?  The whole excursion will be around 10 days to 2 weeks.

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Your road trip sounds like an incredible adventure! Driving from Vegas to Seattle along Highway 1 will offer you breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. Along the way, make sure to stop at iconic spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur, and the Redwood National and State Parks. Each of these places offers unique natural beauty and sights that will make your trip memorable.
If you're looking for a relaxing retreat during your journey, consider staying at Los Altos Beach Resort & Spa. Located in a picturesque setting, Los Altos offers luxurious accommodations and a range of amenities to unwind after a day of exploring.

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Crater Lake is fantastic and hopefully it will be open in October. Also, Lava Beds National Monument in northern Cali is great; it has lava tubes to explore, and don't miss Petroglyph Point, a huge set of petroglyphs . In Oregon, the Rogue River can be seen at a number of state parks. The Rogue has many manifestations and each view is different.

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