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Different amps. I Can’t really tell differences


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A friend and me went to visit audio shop when he was in a quest for small ProAcs. At the time he was very much into small monitors.

Tried several integrated amps in the price range 1000-2000. Amazingly every one of them had very different signature. One had a wide stage, other was more coherent in the mid-range ets etc. Easily heard the differences between them.

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Forte IV play nice with SS and Tubes.  To me they definitely sound different with different electronics.  I run mine mostly with my 300b but about two months ago I picked up the excellent sounding Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amp for a second system.    I didn't quite have everything needed for system 2 so I put the Cyrus in my main room to put it through it's paces.   I ended up keeping it in there for three weeks it sounded so good.   


I was trying to trace a noise down and pulled my 300b out and set up my Quicksilver 40 watt monos.  Again,  different sound....  not bad but I really missed the tone and timbre of the 300b.   Turned out the noise was cable related but it was good to leave the QS in for a little while.


I agree with Parlophone,  you should be able to hear the difference.   I think the new Heritage are pretty revealing of what's upstream. If you swap out amps to no effect sometimes the preamp can be the limiting factor. 



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