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Atlas Sound PD-5VH old version : I ask about help for replace K-55-V


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On 9/22/2023 at 6:24 AM, Bubo said:

I glazed over

Are we discussing the much sought after original driver that Kilpsch used in the LaScalas heresys etc ?

Yes, and no.  the "much sought after" version has a Klipsch designed/modified phase plug and it is not available, new.  The mod improved HF output, likely at the expense of response or output below 400 Hz.  Since Atlas wants that 110 Hz low end for voice, they would not want to make the Klipsch version.


If yes, I wasn't aware that Atlas was selling them.

Phenolic or titanium or something else.

Phenolic.  Still in production and Still used in La Scalas.  Ti makes lousy midrange drivers.  I'm not sold on it for tweeters, either. 


I have a pair of the originals on my LaScalas

Must be 40 years old

Do the magnets need to be remagnitized


No, not if they work.  There might be a half dozen places in this country that could.  If you have run 100 watts through them long enough to make them hot, or dropped them a few times, call Atlas and see it they will.   



and do the phenolic diaphragms dry out losing flexibility ? 


Change them and find out.  They don't dry out.  If your La Scalas haven't seen years of PA work, enjoy and be happy.  As well as I can tell, my '81 La Scala has it's original K-55-V.  


Thanks in advance


I realize, that the subject of different mid drivers is a bottomless discussion


Since Atlas makes PA systems

I believe that their driver offers superior speech intelligibility

Where Klipsch is IMHO (and most theater owners)

the best in the industry


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On 9/27/2023 at 8:20 PM, JohnA said:


Thanks for the feedback.

The drivers sound better than great to me

listening to Norah Jones

Not too late


Speech intelligibility is excellent and life like


During the time I have owned the drivers,

.01 - .001 watts is normal listening

with 2 watts ear shattering in my space

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