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Question about clips aluminum tweeters?


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I was looking to the Clips website, and I found in the category under others; a bunch of tutorials on how to replace and repair woofers and tweeters. From what I gathered and saw it ranged from 2015 to 2022, and all the tweeters that I looked at the specs with where the aluminum tweeters one inch. I'm putting this out there in this category for restoration because I figured you guys would know if there was a recall, or if they underrated the speakers and gave people a false sense of security. Or perhaps the aluminum tweeters had a fault in them? I just ordered the r 30c which has three and a half inch woofers, and the one inch aluminum tweeter. I'm concerned, because all the woofers that needed to be replaced that I saw or under 6 in. With the fiber woven cone or whatever you call it . I didn't see any of the copper coil sponge or the TCP woofers . And every speaker spec that I saw was with under 6 inch woofers in the 1-in Tweeter so aluminum tweeters. I'm wondering if you guys know what they replace the tweeters with? Was it again the aluminum tweeters or did they upgrade it to the titanium? Along with that is there any way to get my hands on a titanium tweeter to toss in my r-30c? Thanks for any help for advice on the situation.

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Thank you for responding! @OO1 I need to make some things a bit more clear. The website I was referring to is the Klipsch website. It was very late and I was up all night, I was using my phone to dictate for me and it got it wrong. Are you saying not to get the Aluminum tweeter from Klipsch? -or that 'aftermarket' tweeters are bad?


Do you know what tweeter Klipsch is replacing the aluminum tweeter with? Do they upgrade it to the Titanium tweeter?


-Thanks again.


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-there are  no aftermarket  tweeters for the R-3OC .

- Aluminium is   lighter  and it has it's advantages for sound reproduction      klipsch would  be using Titanium or  another type of material for the diaphragm had they not had the best results with an Aluminium dome , so no worries .

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@OO1 What can I do to prevent blowing it out? I just bought the Integra DRX 8.4 AVR runs with 150/Ch. It has a Dirac Live  Premimun License for room correction (never used it before. I just got the system on Friday.) could I somehow tweak it to protect the tweeter?  If so what would I look for or tweak? the db level the frequency etc?


Oh, and thank you so much for helping out with this. The R-30c is about my only option for a center channel at this time; simply because of the room and the small footprint.

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On 10/8/2023 at 10:50 PM, JAZ_man301 said:

What can I do to prevent blowing it out?


Don't turn up the volume too loud.  All things have limits.  Any harshness, brittleness, or obvious distortion is too loud. 


I'm quite surprised you found service tutorials on the Klipsch web site. 

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