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Aragon 2007 Amp Issue (two channels out)???


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Hello Klipsch Community, I picked up this amp a while ago and all but two channels work. The left and left surround are not functioning but all others are. I was thinking it could be a fuse but not sure and I don't feel comfortable opening it up. Has anyone who has owned this amp had this issue before and if so, how did they rectify it? If it's a fuse, where did they get the fuse, and is it an easy install? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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4 hours ago, OO1 said:

 Best to call Aragon   and have them service the amp  ,   https://www.aragonav.com/contact

Your best bet of course.


I have owned two Acurus 200FIVEs, same as Aragon 2007 minus two channels, and one of them was purchased with a blown channel.  Took it to my local electronics repair guy and yes the fuse was blown but that was due to a faulty output transistor on a single channel.  Back then, about 13 years ago, I think I paid about $125.00 for the repair.



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