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RF62 Speakers low end not as prominent as it was before.

Ben Stone

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I have two RF62s; they are fairly new, only around 4 months old. I just moved them into my room, and they sounded great (both of them). But today I was tightening the cables, I finished tightening, and I noticed that the left speaker's low end was very not good sounding. I switched the right and left cables to see if it was a cable issue and it wasn't, it still only happened on the left. So I went to YouTube and found a Hz test. I figured out that my left speaker cut off ( as in I couldn't hear it anymore ) at 30ish Hz but my right speaker which had no issues cut off at 20ish Hz. I've looked through many forums and can't find anything about this other than maybe your speaker is blown but that doesn't make much sense to me cause I haven't been playing music loud enough to blow them out. Please help me!

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I once wasted a lot of time with a similar issue, but it turned out to be the input source. A full reboot of the streamer did the job, but  I guess you are smarter than me and first swapped the L and R  cables! 


What do you mean with 'tightening the cables'? 

Make sure there is no contact between the two cables in the left speaker. Use a light and a loupe and double check. Tightening may cause a bad contact on the inside too, so my next step would be to open the speaker and check all the wiring inside. Also check the crossover for bad contacts.


Next step could be measuring the capacitors of your crossover. As your speakers are fairly new, maybe playing a loop of bass heavy sounds may bring back the low hz freqs. 


BTW, 20Hz is exceptionally low for any speaker, so I'm not sure if the app you use is accurate. Trust you ears instead! 



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Are you sure it's not the source component? Try the same test with FM, turntable, CD, etc. and see if the problem remains.


Is there damaged speaker wire, which would impede the signal level to one speaker?


I agree with MeloManiac; if you want to reach down to 20Hz, you're going to need a subwoofer as no speaker reaches that low

by itself.


I noticed from Klipsch literature the speakers are bi-wireable; that means you can power the woofers separately from the tweeters.

That also means if you remove the jumper bars, you can measure the resistance of the woofer. I would use a voltmeter and perform

that test to see if there's a significant difference between the two as that would explain the difference in output.


Do that and report back with the numbers.

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