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Recommended Amp wpc requirements for Chorus I + powered sub

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I recently bought a nice pair of Chorus I's.  My amp is Marantz PM6008 (70 wpc at 8 ohms). Folks have mentioned that to really get the bass kicking, they recommend at least 100 wpc.  I definitely felt that the bass was lacking even when I turned up the bass equalizer and pumped the volume, so connected I connect one of my powered subs (Linn Sizmik 10.25) to fill in the low end. The result was very satisfying. 


Since I now have the low end filled in, would there be any additional benefit to the mid and treble of my Chorus' by getting a higher powered amp? I've been looking in the last week, and it's really tough (impossible?) to find something nice at 200 wpc on a modest budget (e.g. $300 or less). I'd far prefer to stick with what I have, so long as I'm not missing anything. 


I don't listen to music particularly loudly. Genres that I really love to enjoy on these are classical (piano, cello), folk, and hip hop. 



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