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New Room Construction advice needed


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Hello all,


I am building a room above my garage (which is attached to my house) that is going to be 22x23. I am planning on putting a pair of klipschorns in the corners (outside wall away from the rest of the house). The ceilings are 9' for four feet around the edge of the room and they extend to 10' in the middle. 


This room partially sits over our bedroom as well (just a little) 

How do I best dampen the sound from traveling along the joists and walls to the rest of the house? 


I am planning on double studding the wall(s) that the K horns are using to help with bass extension. Would insulating with sound damping insulation hurt the bass. 


I'm thinking thick insulation between the first and second floor? Thank you so much for your thoughts. 

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32 minutes ago, GandL said:

Would insulating with sound damping insulation hurt the bass.


Insulating your floor and interior walls with mineral wool (Roxul Saf-N-Sound for example) will reduce the sound outside the room and help the bass inside the listening room.

Also, you should read up about techniques for using mass loaded vinyl or applying something like Green Glue and a second layer of sheetrock.

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8 hours ago, GandL said:


I am planning on double studding the wall(s) that the K horns are using to help with bass extension.

Years ago, I lived in Hope, AR and my father was a construction contractor.  He once did a remodel for Bob Moers, the president of Klipsch.  In the corners, where the Khorns were to be placed, he built a solid 3-4 feet of 2x4s out from the corner for bass reflection.  Kind of like your idea, but taken to the max.  Not sure how this would play out in terms of transmission THROUGH the lumber to other parts of the house, but I imagine it helped as far as getting the most bass extension from the folded horn. 

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On 4/25/2024 at 8:16 PM, GandL said:

Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated.


Will the Roxul/Green glue in any way deaden the room response or livin it do you think? 


Building the walls with Roxul added inside will improve the sound of the music in the room and reduce the amount of sound traveling to the other side because the mineral wool absorbs air vibrations, therefore behaving similar to a bass trap. Adding Green Glue and a second layer of drywall reduces sound transmission to the other parts of the house and helps the music listening room by reducing the wall vibrations and resonances. Ideally both methods are installed together during construction.

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I used studs on 8" centers, pink insulation, a layer of 3/4" plywood and then green glue and 5/8" drywall. The sound is pretty damn good with no noticeable vibrations or rattles at any volume. I did a fair amount of soundproofing tricks but the effort to totally isolate becomes a case in diminishing returns fast. 

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Your project sounds exciting! Have you any updates already? 

As for the suggestions, here are some of mine: 

Double studding is a great idea as it creates a break in the path of the sound waves, which can significantly reduce sound transmission. Use specialized sound-damping insulation like Rockwool or fiberglass to absorb sound and prevent it from traveling through the walls and floors. Insulating between the first and second floors can also help.

Consider adding MLV between the studs or under the drywall. It’s a dense material that can help block sound. For the walls and ceilings, using resilient channels or sound isolation clips to decouple the drywall from the framing can prevent sound vibrations from traveling through the structure.

Instal acoustic panels. It'll help absorb sound and reduce echo, making the room sound better and preventing sound from escaping. Adding carpets or rugs to the floor can also absorb sound and reduce noise transmission through the floor. Ensure that the doors and windows in the room are well-sealed, using weatherstripping or door sweeps to close any gaps where sound might escape.

As for your concern about sound-damping insulation hurting the bass, it’s generally more about the room’s acoustics than the insulation affecting the bass directly. Proper placement of your Klipschorns and room treatment with bass traps in the corners can help manage bass response within the room.
I think this all should be able to significantly reduce sound transmission. 

Additionally, incorporating skirting boards can provide a polished finish to the room and may help cover any gaps at the base of the walls, contributing to overall soundproofing.

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Update and question.


I'll post pictures soon.


The corners the K horns are in are dbl studded. Foam insulation has been installed in ceiling, all four walls and under the subfloor. Sheetrock is going in with R Channel clips on all four walls to keep the Sheetrock off the studs. Will the clips on the corners defeat the purpose of the corners and hurt bass response? Thanks for the input as always! 


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