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Heresy I or II?

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Heresy I or II?  I believe the II’s began being shipped in 1985. My serial numbers indicate the build date is week 16 of 1985. Back opens (not sealed) and drivers are mounted from the back not flush mount from the front. Tweeter horn is a K77, woofer is K22 and I can’t rad the mid. Balancing network is the E2. The woofer enclosure extends into a cutaway in the mid. Hoping this is enough to identify. 

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2 hours ago, Mark Spaulding said:

Thank you!  I wonder how the components in my copy of the 1.5 stack up against the I’s and II’s. 

I am fortunate enough to own both H1s (1980) and the H1.5s(‘83) (Also a single H2). When I got the ‘83s I’d owned the ‘80 H1s for several years. I immediately thought the ‘83s, sounded much better than the ‘80s, fuller bass, & smoother high end. I just assumed that it was either in my head, or a slight manufacturing variance. I.e. the ‘80s may have been a “post-lunch break” build. It wasn’t until I decided that I should open up the ‘83s and check & tighten the connections that I realized what I had; the H1.5s. It’s only my opinion, but I thought they sounded better, even before I knew there was a difference.
I’ve never heard a pair of HIIs in my music room, only the one which I use as a center when running in 5.1.2. Although, my son-in-law has HIIs and I’d guess their sound is closer to my 1.5s

You’ve got a nice pair of speakers, I personally prefer the older Birch plywood cabinets over the MDF, for whatever that’s worth. Pic of the HBR ‘83s.


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20 hours ago, Mark Spaulding said:

Heresy I or II?


2 hours ago, M_Klipsches said:

I immediately thought the ‘83s, sounded much better than the ‘80s

Like you, I have been fortunate enough to have / (had) the I, 1.5 and II. I still have a pair of H1 and the modded 1.5. 
Here are the 1.5
Here was the H2

The better sounding H1.5 and H2 is, IMHO, due to the K701 horn. Using different tweeters and mid-drivers might be a contributing factor. 

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