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new home theatre system


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It started with the promedias and ended up with an entire klipsch home theatre system. i went home for spring break and my parents were looking for a home theater system under 2 grand. they were intent on getting a bose acoustimass 16... so i tried my best to convince them to go for klipsch instead.

my dad was leary at first, so i brought him to Tweeter. when we got there, we watched star wars and listened to a few cds... boy was he impressed. he turned to me and he said, "klipsch sounds live."

so we ended up buying from the synergy series... the reference series was just a little too much.

tweeter had a klipsch blowout, 30% off all klipsch products. we got the sf-2 ($400 for the pair), sc-1 ($180), sb-1 (for surrounds, $175 for the pair) and a ksw-10 (for $250).

i'd say it was a good deal.


now my promedias sound like crap....

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Excellant, and I honostly believe your parents got a far better system for the money than going with Bose.

I know about how the ProMedias now sounding like crap compared to the "real" Klipsch. Still, the ProMedias are still a good sounding set of PC speakers. I would be willing to bet your ProMedias sounds better than that Bose your parents thought about going with.

Out of curiosity, what reciever are your parents running all that through?

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we are running it through a dennon receiver.... not sure what model it is though... it costed something like 499... so its pretty decent.

my god, when i listened to craig david on the ht speakers, i was so blown back by... it was like, i need to hook these up to my pc!

thanks guys, i know they sound definitely better than bose... bose lacks midrange like u wouldnt believe.

also, i thought that the we got a REAL good deal from tweeter... i've never seen those speakers at those prices!

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I know I am completely new to this HT game but I was wondering why not just have four SF-2's (money permitting) instead of going with some smaller bookshelf speakers (plus a center and sub)? Is there some inherent audio faux paus in doing so? Thanks for the info, Wintermute

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thanks guys!

so i joked with the tweeter guy at the point of sale...

I asked, "so these would sound better than the bose?"

he answered, "these would out-do their top of the line lifestyle 50."

no need to say, we ended up laughing afterwards.

i havent really heard them (the bookshelfs were on back order) since i had to go back to school. the next time i go home, im gonna watch the matrix and saving private ryan.

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