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Speaker "tracking"?


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So I just ordered a sub online yesterday, and I have been checking the UPS tracking website almost every hour.

As of 12:39am it is in PA. It is 1:41am here.

Am I the only nut that would set my alarm to 2,3,4,5, and 6am just to see where my newest family member is located?

If UPS personnel are reading this on their break, please be gentle with him, use the hand truck with care. He is very sensitive.

My love has become my sickness...15.gif




SVS 20-39PC+ (in PA)

Denon AVR 2803

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Well, I might turn on my computer and check where it was before I got in the shower in the morning. 9.gif

Just remember, looking at online tracking isn't going to speed up the delivery, BEING OUTSIDE THE SECOND THE TRUCK PULLS UP WILL.

I ordered my subwoofer, truck pulled up to the house, I waited inside, truck DROVE OFF WITHOUT DELIVERING IT. That was Friday. The truck didn't return until TUSEDAY!!! It turns out the subwoofer WAS ON THE TRUCK ON FRIDAY, but instead of the address saying 14305, it said 14350 and the guy took it back to HQ.

If I went out and met the driver, I would have had it on Friday.

That was a weekend of agony. 15.gif

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