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Belle Reviews

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I still havent seen any reviews anywhere on the belles, and ive been everywhere! Either there rare, or just forgotten!! Who knows, feel proud, your one of very few to own them!!

Regards Jim

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Klipsch cornwalls (again)

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You might also want to look at LaScala and Klipschorn reviews ... they use the same components, although the cornerhorns go down to 35Hz while the Belles and laScalas go to 45. Otherwise they sound the same. Consumer reviews whuch have their limitations can be found on www.audioreview.com ... also you'll find a lot of comments on all three of these speakers on this site.

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Probably the best you're going to get is the La Scala reviews on AudioReview.com.


The Belle differs from the La Scala in 2 basic ways. The Belle's bass horn is wider and shallower, but is said to perform identically and the Belle's squawker horn is shorter. The La Scala uses the K-horn's K-400 (400 Hz) horn and the Belle uses a unique K-500 (500 Hz) horn. Since the crossovers have been the same for most of their lives, there should be little difference in their sound. If there is any, it would be because the K-500 is operated closer to its cut-off frequency than the K-400.


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