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RF-7 Actually Availability?


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The latest flyer that I got Monday from Showcase Electronics (Phoenix area Klipsch dealer) Shows the RF-7 for $1100 ea, RF-5 for $700 ea, RC-7 for $800 and the RSW10 for $1000. They don't mention anything about availability.

The RF-7 is shown in Maple finish, which looks terrible, almost like a 1970's kitchen appliance color. I hope it's just the photo .cwm9.gif



SF-2 Mains

SF-1 Center (pair)

RS-3 Surrounds

RC-3 Rear Center

KSW-10 Subs (pair)

Yamaha RX-V1 Reciever

Yamaha CDC-655 CD Player

Toshiba SD-1200 DVD

Toshiba TN50X81 50" HDTV

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RC-7 RS-7 and RF-5 are shipping NOW. RF-7 will ship next week. Subs cannot be pinned down at the moment. Sorry for the tease but that's the truth. Soon as we get every last detail done right.

Now, about that new RF-& as mentioned above. When can I get my hands on a set? Wink.gif

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Sorry About the Rs& Bob??? Maybe you could suggest this to your Engineers as they may feel like A RS8 might be due with 12 inch woofers instead of the 10's that are in the 7's. Either way you may feel that if you open a bottle of Rodney Strong and then begin to type you just might over shoot the 7 key. Let me know when they may be available as all things must age as does the fine wine!

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