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Ditched my surround sound completely


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Careful Jim, one good crank deserves another... HornEd

Hmmm, maybe I should be careful... a guy like that can change the whole global neighborhood. Watch out Hope and Indy... there's a movie crank in the air!

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I must say this is quite a discussion.

I like home theater and I also like 2 channel depending on my mood. However previously I owned a sony 925 reciever - I thought is sounded ok but was missing some dynamics. The dynamics it missed made it so it only sounded decent when using some synthasized surround mode.

I later learned this was due to a not too fantastic amp. When I switched to a Newcastle 2 channel sudennly sounded real good. For that matter, 5.1 and prologic even sounded much better. The synthasized surround modes really sounded poor in comparison.

The point is that if you listen with good electronics, good speakers and in the mode that the creator or mixer of the music intended - it usually sounds great. Using modes that change the room artificially makes it sound worse.

It was really amazing to me that dolby digital through a really good amp sounded better than dts through a cheap amp. I guess I should not have been surprised. Nifty tricks can't make up for quality.

That's my humble opinion.

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Oh boy, Oh boy

I don't understand this debate between HT and stereo Music. It is all sound. On the other hand I do understand the quality difference between components but that doesn't mean to give HT. It is music to.

Never heard music tracs in movies ????!!!!

So it is better to debate how much to spend on a (HT) system that can reproduce any sound, 2 channel or x-channel. How far do you have to go.

My (HT) system costs me about 6000 $.


It sometimes terrifies me thinking I spended 6000$ ....

But then, a lot of people are paying much more for just 2 channel. Is it better than my system in 2 channel. Sure, but how much?

Once I went to an audiofile evening to hear some very expencive speakers (B&W nautilus 803 4300$ ; Sonus Faber Guarneri 6400$; Electa Amator II 2150$??)

All driven by a Rotel RMB-1095 amplifier(2300$) and Sony TA-E9000ES/N pre-amplifier(2000$). Ok, the sound was good, very good. I liked the nautilus 803, but wasn't that impressed considering the price tag.

Ok, I never heard a Klipchorn or a LaScala. That is maybe something different. Smile.gif

I am very happy with my current system also for 2 channel.

Amen ...



Receiver: Onkyo 676

DVD: Pioneer DV-525

Screen: Thomson 46" RetroProjection

Front: RF-3's

Rear: RF-3's

Center: RC-3

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