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Where in The H!!@ do you people work.??


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I am one of the makers of the Centrino and 3.0 gig P4s floating around.

If you have a Centrino there is a very good chance I had my eyeballs on that wafer.

Actually I used the employee stock purchase program to pay for my goodies and vacation.

Have about $8000 sitting there waiting.

She wants to go to an island and get married

She tells me that is what I want too.9.gif


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On 2/6/2004 12:12:28 AM lx50373 wrote:

I saw a poster on here who has 2 not one but two RSW"15's another's got RF75's on every ch!! Dont anybody on here have any other bills or what? Here i am with my SF-3's and KSW-12 trying to get into surround. need a new reciever and sur speakers and it's killing me. House payment, car payment, kids with their hands out oh and the wife well she has her own ideas....! Oh well just venting my envey! Maybe one day i'll hit the lottery!!!!


Something to help you put it in perspective. We are all VERY rich.



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yeah if you think about it we(klipsch owners) aren't poor at all. My friend who has an older Sony reciever and older pioneer speakers thinks that my setup is toooo awesome, its his "dream system". I would hardly call it a "dream system". Just have to buy what you can afford and long as it sounds good to you- who cares!! about the money value.2.gif

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As one person who has "not one, but two" RSW-15's, (and I know one of the others), working for a Klipsch Dealer has it's advantages. I have a full R-7 set-up and two RSW-15's a Denon 4802, and nice DVD player, satellite system, cables, etc. I started small, and kept upgrading. I got the 4802 for about $400 and my original Sony STR-DE875 (after a few upgrades). I got my RSW-15's by selling a couple of subs that I won in another contest, and adding about $400 of my own money. My TV, I bought outright (at dealer cost), my speakers were upgraded from My RP-5 based system, which I sold and upgraded (Cost me about $600-700 for that upgrade, the RP-5's weren't all that popular). I spent about $900 on the RP-5's, RC-3, and RS-3's, and payed for that with spiffs I got from TV manufacturers.

Unfortunately, I have left that business, and will probably be "stuck" with my current system for the forseeable future. If I really need to upgrade, though, I still have a lot of friends in the industry.2.gif

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I feel your pain...wait what pain.In 2003 I purchased...

A new AMD Athlon FX51 based PC,dual 9800XT 256MB video cards,a ASUS FX5950 256MB

Two Monster cable M2.4B cables

PolkAudio PSW404 and 505,Klipsch RSW12 and 15...a few I forgot.

Dynaudio Audience 52

and six sets of PC speakers for testing...slow year for me

I was tired spending... year 2004 should be really busy.

BTW I am 29,and audio is a sickness I am spending since my very first job on it.Total value of my audio gear is around 80K.At least,next hobby computers...money spent since 1994 on PC's only 40K,with 260 full games.The other hobbies are eating at good restaurants,hmm I've spent even more than on audio I think.Well that is life

When I was a kid my father never purchased too many games,and I never had any video game consoles as allmost all kids had them at home,well my revenge is long taken now.2.gif

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Hah...Ear that is MY story. My dad has some issues as to why his 28 year old lawyer son is still playing with an xbox, gamecube and ps2 (I'm more of a console gamer). Should've popped for the intellevision dad - I'm making up for lost gaming.

Same goes for my new halo home theater...we had a 19 inch tv until I was 17.

In any case, the above poster who recognized that people in this forum invest in their hobby is certainly correct. Audio/ht gear is where the great majority of my disposable income goes.

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