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Although I'm not a major KR fan, I've seen a few of his performances, including on CMT, and he can do country and southern rock pretty well when he wants to. I also saw him Sunday night on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction show on VH-1.

I've always been a serious Bob Seger fan and I liked the way KR introduced him. Especially where he said that Seger has paid his dues more than everybody currently on the Billboard Top 40 combined. There's not much out there of substance these days, which is why I appreciate that old time rock & rock more than ever. "...Come back baby, rock and roll never forgets!"

And yes, of the contemporaries, Sheryl Crow is among my favorites.

Back to the R&R HoF show; I thought it was excellent! Seger, Jackson Browne, ZZ Top, George Harrison posthumous induction & tribute. GH's son Danny joined Jeff Lynne & Tom Petty on guitar in a couple songs. All in all, I really wish I had been there. A lot of past winners in the audience too. A great show.

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